RQE Analog đo dòng điện AC

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RQE Analog đo dòng điện AC
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RQE Analog đo dòng điện AC

RQE - Analog Meters for alternating current

RQE - Analog Meters for alternating current 48x48mm

72x72mm 96x96mm

Direct indication of input current or primary current of external CT Moving iron equipment

Direct connection 1...100A (60A for RQ48E) Input by external CT /5A or /1A

Version for starting motor 2In or 5In Scale length 90°

Accuracy class 1,5


  • Scale: interchangeable, easy-insertion to protect the pointer as well as relevant closing slip
  • Scale colour: white background, black divisions and numbering
  • Customized scales upon request
  • Option: reference red mark
  • Scale length: 90°
  • Standard scale marking: 0...In
  • Motor startup marking scale: 0...In...2In or 0...In...5In
  • Pointer colour: black
  • Option: (adjustable) reference red pointer to store the highest measured value


  • Quantity: single-phase, alternating current
  • Connection: direct (S 250/105) or by external CT /5A or /1A (S 250/106)
  • Measure: true RMS value
  • Rating current In
  • Direct connection: 1...100A (see table)
  • Connection by CT external: 5A or 1A
  • Continuous overload: 1,2In
  • Instantaneous overload: 10In/5s
  • Rating frequency fn: 50Hz
  • Working frequency: 45..65Hz
  • Option: frequency rating fn 400Hz
  • Accuracy (EN/IEC 60051): class 1,5
  • Option: accuracy cl.1
  • Rated burden: ≤ 1,1VA


  • Installation category: III
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Insulation voltage rating: 600V (Phase - Neutral)
  • A.C. voltage test 4kV r.m.s. 50Hz/5s
  • Considered circuits: all circuits and earth


  • Reference temperature: 23°C
  • Nominal range of use: 5...40°C
  • Operating range: -25...50°C
  • Limit range for storage and transport: -40...80°C
  • Vibration test: according to EN/IEC 60051-1 paragraph 7.6
  • Shock test: according to EN/IEC 60051-1 paragraph 7.6

  • Mounting: flush mounting
  • Housing material: self-extinguishing policarbonate
  • Protection degree (EN/IEC 60529): IP52 front frame, IP20 terminals (with protection) 
  • Option: protection IP54 front frame
  • Panel cutout: see table dimensions
  • Front frame: see table dimensions
  • Depth: see table dimensions
  • Weight: see table dimensions

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